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Covid 19 Protocol

  • Compliant with social distancing rules, we offer virtual fine art, antiques, and furniture inspections through zoom. 

A competent appraisal report has... 

  • A cover document explaining in detail what type of value or cost is being sought ("purpose") and how the appraisal is to be used ("intended use"). 
  • The description of the methodology and resources relied upon.
  • A definition and description of the market(s) selected. 
  • A complete and accurate description of the property written in such a manner that it can be identified without photographs.
  • The date(s) and location(s) of inspection and the effective date of the report. 
  • A current USPAP certification statement. Competent appraisers must take a USPAP update course every two years.
  • The appraiser's qualifications and signature.  


Do not accept an appraisal if...  

  • It is handwritten or unsigned.
  • The fee is based on a contingency fee or on the value of the property. 
  • The appropriate "purpose" and "intended use" are not stated. 
  • The item is beyond the appraiser's expertise.
  • The appraiser lacks training in appraisal methodology.
  • The appraiser is not willing and able to defend the appraisal in court.
  • The appraiser prepares the appraisal report in anticipation of buying items from you after the report is completed.